Email marketing is one of the oldest and most professional techniques used online to market a business. It has been a powerful approach for new businesses, old companies, and non-profit organizations. The ideas and approaches used in email marketing are unlike any other marketing approach. The beauty of this medium is that many of the same fundamental ideas have gone unchanged over the decades. While it may not be the most popular technique in today’s business world, its utilization can never hurt. The following tips are targeted at those individuals curious about this marketing concept. Those who are willing to put in the time and effort required are encouraged to read further and apply what they learn.
In the world of email marketing, the subject of your message can be closely related to the title of an article used in SEO. The comparison is in their importance. With an article utilizing SEO, the title will be what catches the reader’s attention and at least guarantees that they will begin reading the article. With email marketing, the subject is what guarantees that they will open the message and begin reading. Thus, the subject should be compelling, relevant, and unique.
Once a reader has opened an email, it’s absolutely vital that their attention is held all the way until the end. If the reader should lose interest at any point, they are unlikely to follow links or continue to the originating website. This means that the entirety of the message should be relevant information. A short message with a useful idea is always better than a long message contain pushy advertisements.
Each message should contain an offer or incentive that the reader cannot refuse. Make this something that is not openly advertised outside of an emailing campaign, thus providing a degree of exclusivity for those enrolled within the mailing lists. If the message interests them and the offer is worth their time, they will proceed further and improve website traffic and potential profits.
Your mailing lists does not need to be where your emails end. Encourage your readers to share the email via special offers, affiliate percentages, or exclusive savings. When performed properly, a mailing list of only a few-hundred readers may actually reach thousands within the week. Allow anyone to cash in on the offers and products you publish within your email and let them know that further savings can be achieved by encouraging their peers to register.
All emails should include a link leading back to your domain. Even when your messages are not advertising a particular product, service, or opportunity, they should still have a clearly-visible path back to your website. Page-views are always a good thing, even when they aren’t ending in sales or registration. Try adding a bonus for readers that follow these links during each mailing period. Make a contest or raffle and use the links as a tool for everyone’s benefit.
While email marketing may be one of the oldest techniques online, it is still as effective as it has always been. All great marketing strategies involve email marketing to some degree and the best companies are capable of utilizing it to its full potential.
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